Patagonian Penguin finds 2nd home

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71-year-old retired bricklayer and part-time fisher man, Joao Pereira De Souza’s life changed when he rescued a South American Magellanic Penguin on a Brazilian beach 5 years ago. Covered in oil and on the threshold of death, the bird was nursed back to health. Even though it fully recovered it was reluctant to leave Pereira (staying on for 11 months) and when it finally did, it returned the next year.

South American Magellanic Penguins breed on the coasts of Argentina and Chile. They migrate as far north as Brazil, so Dindim’s behaviour isn’t completely abnormal. However, his ability to stop by where Pereira lives is both an insight into the emotions of this intelligent creature and heartwarming to everywhere who gets to know of this story.

Bhutan’s Prime Minister on TED

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a nation is carrying for people’s happiness more than the gdp. wow…. where health care and education is free for all. 72% of the land is covered by forest, a constitution insists on preserving more than 60% forests, a constitution insists that the rulers must retire when they are 65 !! wow a must watch

she reunites with Gorillas after 12 years

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12 years ago, they released two gorillas, Bimms and Djalta, who were born in an Animal Park in Kent, as part of a program to reintroduce gorillas back to their natural environment. In 2014, Tansy and her dad Damian traveled to Gabon where they’d been released, to see if they could find their old friends.

It’s just amazing to watch both Djalta and Bimms respond to Damian’s voice. And then, the way they react to Tansy, who was just a toddler when they first met? This left me absolutely speechless.

Beautiful Erhu Music

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The Erhu is a traditional Chinese musical instrument that can produce beautiful, delicate sounds that are even more astounding considering it only has 2 strings. It has become popular for the emotions it is able to evoke through its music. Listen to a terrific solo of the unique instrument.

the hippo that lives in a house

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A South African family who have a hippo living in their house as a pet